All staff of Bentong Municipal Council, with full determination and commitment, pledge to devote all our energy and efforts to manage and administer the organisation efficiently and effectively. Towards this, we pledge to:

  1. Objection Results Release Date Within 1 Month From Protest Hearing Session date. 
  2. Transfer application (Form I) and the Exchange Address Complete Processed Within 1 Working Day. 
  3. Issue Assessment Bills First Half In January And Second Half of July. 
  4. Bills Rentals Released In First Week Every Month. 
  5. Applications Street Lighting Plan Progress In Time Working Day Fourteen (14) provided all the documents are complete and comply. 
  6. Approval for Road Digging Permit Application To Be Released In Time Period Seven (7) Day Work Subject To All Requirements Compliance Department. 
  7. Issue Building And Numbering Plan Approval Street Name Within Fourteen (14) working days from the date of Part OSC Receipts Complete. 
  8. Remove the Application Verification Subdivision, Subdivision And Land Consolidation Within seven (7) Working Days From Date of Receipt of Application Full Of Applicant. 
  9. Withdraw Approval Request Billboard Off Premise / Billboard and Signage Show Directions Within seven (7) Working Days From Date Results of Licensing and Hygiene Committee meeting, Bentong Municipal Council.
  10. Removing the Zoning Plan Bentong District Local Plan Within 1 hour Beginning Of The Complete Recorded Client application.
  11. Issuing Work Permits Results Small (Form L) Within 1 Day.
  12. Issuing Work Permits Results Small (Standard Plan) Within 3 Days.
  13. No Risk 1-Day License
  14. Risk 30-Day License
  15. 90 Working Days Entertainment License.
  16. Landscape Plan Approval Within fourteen (14) days of Receipt of Application
  17. Ensure Complete Results Training Application Students from Higher Education Institutions Posted Within 7 Business Days.
  18. Standard Contract Agreement 30 Days
  19. 60 Days  Privatization
  20. Ensure the Joint Management Body (Joint Management Body) Registering Names Board within thirty (30) days of date of Annual General Meeting First.
  21. Issue of Certificate of Formation of Joint Management Bodies Within fourteen (14) days from date of complete application is accepted.
  22. Purchase Order Issued In 2 Days With Conditions Full Document And Compliance Requirements
  23. Provide Payment Process (Complete Document) Within 14 days from date Thank Application
  24. Feedback Complainant 1 Day, 3-Day Early feedback, Action Dan 7 Day Feedback 14 days of Complaints complicated Issue
  25. Approval Letter and Bill Hall rental / Equipment Within 3 days After the application is accepted.
  26. Application Process Completed in 3 days
  27. Complete 3-Day Lifting Completed Application To JK Osc Within 28 Days
  28. 28 .Issuing Decisions Meeting Within 3 Days.

Last Updated: Friday, 15 January 2021 - 8:53am