Municipal administration in Bentong District begins with the establishment of Bentong Municipal Council on 5 May 1955 with law enforcement and gazetted according to Pahang State Government Gazette No. 147. The establishment of Bentong Municipal Council on 1 July 1981 was based on Local Government Act (Act 171). It was one upgrading level from Municipal Council to District Council with unification of Bentong District Council together with 5 Local Councils and several other areas which are :

  1. Bentong Municipal Council
  2. Karak Local Council
  3. Sg. Dua Local Council
  4. Telemong Local Council
  5. Manchis Local Council
  6. Bukit Tinggi Local Council
  7. Kampung Shafie
  8. Kampung Simpang Pelangai
  9. Kampung Baru Sg. Gapoi
  10. Kampung Jambu Rias
  11. Kampung Benus
  12. Genting Sempah
  13. Kampung Janda Baik
  14. Kampung Baru Sg. Penjuring



Range area of Bentong District Council during its establishment was 42 square miles divided into 30.99 square miles of full operations area (taxable) and 10.0045 square miles was controlled development area

The operation's area covered Bentong Town, Genting Highlands, Karak, Telemong, Manchis, Sg. Dua and Bukit Tinggi. While its control area covered Sg. Gapoi, Simpang Pelangai, Kg Shafie, Jambu Rias, Janda Baik and Sg. Penjuring.

Bentong Municipal Council's office originally was located above the Bentong Market, and later it moved to its own building located at the site of the former Bentong Rest House at Jalan Ketari

Starting from 1 January 2001, 20 years after its establishment, Bentong Municipal Council's administrative area has expanded to 1105 square km (426.542 square miles). The new operations area is 335.02 square miles (867.69 square km) with an estimated population of 104, 000 people and revenue of RM 13.25 million for the year 2003

On 19 November 2003, Local Authority through Government Meeting Council has agreed to support suggestion on upgrading Bentong District Council to Bentong Municipal Council

On 16 July 2005, Bentong District Council officially declared as BENTONG MUNICIPAL COUNCIL.


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