The colour black in the logo which was chosen in honour of Pahang's flag, depicts Bentong Municipal Council sheltering under the administration of the state of Pahang Darul Makmur. The colour green symbolises Bentong Municipal Council emphasis on cleanliness as well as depicting the community living in clean and healthy surroundings. The colour blue represents clean and safe air for residents or community under Bentong Municipal Council.




The whole logo is a combination of geometrical shapes adapted to carry the meaning that Bentong Municipal Council as an organisation with authority in administrating Bentong as well as declaring Bentong to be a prosperous and peaceful town.

This curvature shaped as a spearhead carries the meaning of Bentong Municipal Council's jurisdiction in ensuring an organised town in line with the council's motto which is "Making Bentong a Developed, Prosperous and Peaceful Town", besides depicting Bentong Municipal Council sheltering under the Pahang Darul Makmur State government.

The elephant tusks in the logo depict Pahang's identity and indirectly portraying Bentong Municipal Council as an organisation standing under the governance of Pahang State Government.


This shape symbolises the solidarity in Bentong Municipal Council's community while the 14-point star symbolises the strong spirit among the 14 states that is inculcated into Bentong Municipal Council's community, as well as integrated development among the community, private sector and agencies.


The shapes of buildings and houses portray Bentong Municipal Council's responsibility in taking care of the community's well-being and portraying the town as peaceful, clean, organised, prosperous, modern and comfortable for the interest of the consumers to attain a modern and comfortable lifestyle according to the flow of development which is expanding rapidly through services provided.